Welcome to the CONTAINER'S WORLD

Let us introduce You a new idea that changes direction of investement's planning. These ECO and CHEAP solutions allow your NEEDS to adapt quickly to various posibilities of market. The MODULAR design and many options of their combination create almost limitless posibilities of realization of many concepts. Using the CONTAINER opens to You a new way to realize your own investment project with low cost budget. Choose our concept of planning and be sure that you get a great satisfaction. We provide You any support during whole investment's process, including projecting, getting licence and container's realization. Our team helps find a solution for important questions of our Customers. 

Be part of new mode of thinking.

Cozy and functional

Or maybe nobody said You that the CONTAINER can be cozy and functional? Yes, it is! A suitable arrangement where You can CHOOSE every detail makes you a CREATOR of your cointainer. Perfectly tailored. It's a great game. Do You remember when You were totally absorbed during Lego bricks playing and constructing your perfect world? You can choose exactly what you want from the size of the window in bedroom to the location of the bathroom. We were the creators. Let's continue it. The design and contruction will be so enjoyable again.

Or.. You can order a standard project as well and expect it much soon that you imagined. All is possible. All depends on YOU.

Luxury villa? YES, please!

Give us your dream and we will convert it into a reality. A beautiful piece of land with stunning view and with your modern modular home. It is a LUXURY.  It is a perfect space for You with the all features that will give you COMFORT and balanced energy consumption. The CONTAINERS combination with finished exterior elements and tailored interior design make You FEEL like in your own CASTLE. And maybe with a swimming pool? Why not?  Every idea of building STRUCTURE along with various possibilities of joints, shifts and shapes as well floor's number give US a huge open field for the creation of these exceptional contructions.   

U can start now. Be the FIRST one. 

Less means MORE

We change and our needs change. We begin to make MORE CONSCIOUSLY the choises that already aimed at not just satysfying our whims. The technology of the FUTURE is a carying for comfort and environment too. It is also recycling and reducing energy consumption.  The solar battery solution and water deposits allow You to live with a green mode simplicity. C-PAX idea realizes all of these IMPORTANT values. Keep the EARTH alive for our future, for a future of next generations. Beauty it doesn't mean expensive. What a satisfaction of choice.

Truly futuristic but realized NOW. 

Your MOBILE home. It's so easy

Is our GENERATION tied to one place? A house, solid building with foundations deep in the ground - it IS your GOAL?  A serious investment that binds you for a long time. We need change our vision of comfort and luxury. Maybe a house that You create and take IT with you to another place it will be a great resolution? Everytime when you will need. The mountains, beach or forest. In the city or in the countryside.

You can CHANGE the region, why not? 

Dont feel tied by your real estate. No more.